Ready for Season 6

Last winter Robin and I got hooked on 24. I mean how can you not like watching one guy save the nation from certain doom all in a 24 hour period. Let me just say... Jack is the man.

Having only watched season 5 we knew we had to get caught up before the beginning of season 6 this January. So we set out to watch season's 1 through 4 this fall. To night ended our quest. Thank you

We are now officially ready for this.


Zack said...

No comment

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Jack Bauer. If you lived here we would have you and your wife over every Monday night for what would be great fun and suspense. You don't know jack... and now Jack must die.

KC said...

Ok...we just finished disk 4 of season 1. We dying. We're waiting for disk five and six. AGHH!

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