Prepare The Way

I have always admired, and been intrigued with Mission Aviation Fellowship, or MAF. They are a ministry that supports missionaries in some of the most remote areas of the world.

In 2005 their fleet of 54 aircraft flew 36,761 flights, logged 3,461,427 miles, transported 111,666 passengers, and delivered 10.8 million pounds of cargo. In only a 12 month period MAF planes saved Christian and humanitarian workers 71,684 days of travel. That translates into 296 years redeemed for productive Kingdom work!

The grabber is all this is accomplished through skilled pilots flying in and out on extremely primitive and rough airstrips. Had these airstrips not been prepared beforehand, the message of Jesus would not be reaching some of the worlds most needy people.

This Sunday I will be sharing these facts as I preach on the need for us to prepare the way for Jesus.

We read in Isaiah 40:3-5 the prophesy of John the Baptist. John traveled about, calling on people to prepare the way for the coming ministry of Jesus. This year as we enter the Christmas season, and begin our holiday preparations, may we not just celebrate His coming to this world, but may we be reminded to prepare the way, not just for the coming of the Christ child, but for what Jesus wants to do in and through our lives.

As MAF has prepared the way for their pilots to come and go, so that the glory of God is seen, and experienced, by so many, so ought we prepare our hearts for the work God desires to do through our lives. May we too be agents of spreading the Kingdom of God, by preparing the way for Him to have His way in our lives. In doing so we also prepare the way for Jesus to be glorified in the lives of many others.


Don Ryan said...

I wanted to let you know I am enjoying reading your blog. Isn't it great- a Pentecostal pastor finding a Baptist pastor through a Presbyterian pastor.

Perhaps this is what Jesus had in mind when He prayed "that they all may be one".


Brian Eberly said...

That's very cool Don. Glad you enjoy my blog.

Yes, that is what Jesus had in mind. We are one. I don't like lables. I am a follower of Jesus who just happens to be serving Him in a Baptist church.

Blessings to you.

Would love to have you sign my GuestMap!

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