How We Dress

The Chicago Sun-Times recently ran an interesting story on how people dress for worship. See the story here and the pictures here. I thought it an interesting read in light of my recent post ...."How You Lookin'?"


HT: Tony Myles


Cody Mummau said...

I love variety. At our church we have some who come in in suit and tie and others who show up in shorts and tees. It is an awesome scene so long as th have come with hearts to worship God. If they join together to "shout" His praise (Psalm 100) I can't help but think God could care less what threads are on them. It is heart motivation.

I know I've dressed differently at different churches so as not to be a distraction to that church culture. Sometimes what I find permissable is not always beneficial to His body.

Interesting photos though...

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