Youth Pastor Retreat

Aaron and I leave tomorrow for a two day youth pastors retreat. We will be joining with other youth pastors from in and around the Portland area to discuss and consider strategies to effectively reach and minister to students in the current era in which we live. I look forward to thinking through, and discussing together, how the church can do a better job of ministering to, and with, students.

Not only will the converstion be good, but so should the rest. Go here to check out where it's at. Beautiful!

I hope to come home with new ideas as well as friends.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I'd ever want to leave if I got to stay at a retreat like that. It looks magnificent.

Enjoy your time away. I hope it's truly refreshing and inspiring.

Jeremy Postal said...

Have a blast!

muzik316 said...

Relax. Enjoy. Kick Aaron (I heard he snores).

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