In the words of Kip Dynamite, "I love technology." I love the ability to quickly find information and the ability to quickly shoot off an email, text message, or instant message, to communicate with someone. I wonder though, has technology begun to get in the way of the real sense of community that God desires of His people?

In a recent research study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project on the communication of teens, it was discovered that 59 percent of teens prefer the phone, 26 percent like instant messaging the best, 7 percent enjoy text messaging, and 5 percent prefer email. Here's the grabber...only 2 percent indicated that they prefer in-person communication.

This certainly has implications for those of us that minister to students. What is your preferred method of communication? Has technology enhanced your relationships or decreased them?

I am thankful for technology and hope that it will only enchance and not impede the community that we all need and desire.


Jeremy Postal said...

Here are my thoughts as quickly as possible:
1. People have elevated 'quality' time over 'quantity' time in an effort to spend less time with people.

2. Quality time most often is a result of quanitity time.

3. I will use as many different mediums of communications as possible to develop a high frequency of contact in order to get to quality communication.


The Thief said...

My preferred method of communication is face to face.

However, e-mail has enhanced my relationships with people who are far away from me, because I just don't like to use the phone much at all.

Tim said...

My preferred method is face-to-face also, but my group also utilizes a forum on our website. It's great for private discussions with youth leaders, too.

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