Youth Ministry Revisited Pt. 2

In my ongoing rethinking of how we approach ministry to students, I have come across a great article written by Walt Mueller, the President of The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding.

Read the article here.

In it he gives 13 ways to effectively reach today's postmodern youth culture, many involve changing the ways in which it has "always been done." I appreciated his calling to continually evaluate our approach.

He states, "While the content of the Word always remains unchanged, the way we do ministry should be constantly evaluated. There is no room for sacred cows. If the message isn’t getting through because of dated methods, new ones should be prayerfully sought and adopted in order to effectively communicate the Good News. However, we must adopt only those methods that are faithful to the unchanging Word. And we must never assume that methodologies can do what only relationships can."

May we never get so trapped in our methodology, and even traditions, that we fail to see that continued evaluation is needed.

Do you agree with the article? If you are a student reading this I would especially be interested in your feedback. What do you see as the greatest needs of students today?


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