Jesus Camp

This movie is disturbing to me for so many reasons. Are we as Christians, and children in particular, called to be this militant? Does Christ calls us for political reason? Is the world going to want to have anything to do with the church after viewing this movie?

In fairness, I have not yet seen the movie. What I have seen though, scares me and concerns me. What are your thoughts?


beepbeepitsme said...

RE: More on the Jesus Camp video including Parody

Jesus Camp

Adriel & Christina Henderson said...

That is a sad way to show Christian leadership, and a stigma that we now take on as believers. Likewise, it serves as an example that most of those on the opposite side of our own beliefs are not as extreme as portrayed in the news, especially the christian media, which demonizes the most extreme examples - we each should be careful not to paint prejudices onto others.

Just a few weeks ago I helped a guy at our church edit a 3 minute video about our childrens program, what a contrast.

muzik316 said...

I don't know how to reply. I'm struggling to find the words.

I think we emphasis the wrong things, we are unfocused. I've never seen children act that way. It seems that they are all from one aspect of Christianity and Christianity is so much bigger then that. Would Jesus frown on it? I don't know. Do I? At times I think the focus has moved beyond love and compassion to something else. Something less focused on the simplicity of Christianity, the rawness. The truth. Jesus.

Anonymous said...


Watching that gave me the creeps. I am not sure we were ever meant to be that militant about Jesus. Yes we are engaged in a war, but not against flesh and blood, but spiritual forces. I don't think we need to be training our children to be terrorists for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Sad, seems like these people are very misguided in their ideas of teaching children and the responsibilities of children. Hopefully this is an isolated group and thinking. If you look at (movie reviewer) he states that this movie is liberal propaganda.

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