The Numbers Are In

I mentioned in my last 30 Hour Famine post that I would share how much was raised through our effort. I am happy to report that through your help, and the help of many others, we were able to raise $4,268.49! What an incredible blessing! That is $1,858 more than last year!

With that amount we have the privilege of feeding 12 children for an entire year! Famine funds this year will help both in Darfur, Sudan, and in Kenya, as well as in other needy areas such as Niger.

It excites me to see our students gain a greater heart for the the needy in our world; to truly gain a heart for the things that break the heart of God.

It is my prayer that we would all gain a greater understanding of what Jesus taught in Matthew 25:31-36. May we know that we when we minister to those in need, we minister to Jesus Himself.


Anonymous said...

HSomeone told me once that God is all-loving. Sounds feasible but after pondering this a moment I said to myself "Self, If God can prevent evil and doesn't, then He isn't all-loving. If God intends to prevent evil, but cannot, then He isn't omnipotent and if God intends to prevent evil and is capable of doing so, then how can evil exist?"

Jon Knapp said...

Looks like to me that God is preventing evil through Brian's ministry. This shows his love, his power, and bringing justice to evil. Keep it up Brian.

Brian Eberly said...

God is all loving. Because He is, He has given mankind a free will. Instead of just making us robots and dictating our every move, He allows us to make choices.

He loves us so much that He sacraficed His son to pay the price for my bad choices. Because of that I am all the more thankful and eager to be His hands and feet to help bring an end to evil and injustice.

God is at work.

muzik316 said...

Awesome dude... congrats on raising that kinda money.

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