Jack Bauer School of Ministry

Because of my love for youth ministry, and my appreciation for Jack Bauer saving America from all the terrorist out to get us, I post the following from Mark Helsel's blog.

Top 10 things that I have learned about ministry from the show 24!

10. Thoroughly background check the people that you hire especially the executive pastor. How many moles can one place hire, tighten up CTU!

9. Have the latest smart phone. You never know when you will have to send skematics of the new sanctuary to the local zoning board or a teens picture to the police.

8. Computer geeks are essential. Every church needs an Edgar (R.I.P) to stop the meltdown of nuclear reactors or make sure the church newsletter gets e-mailed to the congregation.

7. If you ever need to get teenagers to listen to you at youth group just scream "Federal Agent, let me see your hands!"

6. Breaking protocol is a good thing. It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

5. Bad things happen when the main guys daughter is around. See Kim Bauer!

4. Every ministry needs a socially awkward employee or volunteer like Chloe. This person will typically be in the financial department or nursery.

3. Head pastors are like Presidents you either get a great one like President Palmer or a toal weiner like President Logan.

2. If you need information there is no better way than torture. Can I get an amen! Don't you wish you had a Jack Bauer around when someone comes up to you and says "Some people are saying...but I can't tell you who they are!"

1. How can things go so wrong in just 24 hours? Is Jack on a perpetual middle school overnighter?

Jack should have been one of my profs at Bible College!


muzik316 said...

Dude... we are going to become fast friends. I am a HUGE 24 fan and a HUGE Lost fan. I have to watch 24 on tape delay because we have small group Monday nights. I just ended my 4 hour catch up @ 10:15:34
Holy nasty gas Batman!!! Edgar????? Tony????? Oh my Gosh!!!!

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