Dan Kimball shares here some great history, and thoughts, on the pew. I agree with him.

What do you think?


muzik316 said...

I visited a church in Williamsburg, Virginia and sat in the pews. The church has been around since the conception of our nation. I sat in wonder and awe at a time long since past.

A pew... we sit in cafeteria chairs every Sunday morning. That little pad looks nice about now. I do digress there are those that walk miles to stand in the scorching sun to hear the word of God.

The Thief said...

These thoughts on pews bring up a lot of highly charged thoughts. One such thought is the idea of the centrality of the Word in the service. If that is key to you, then the pew isn't a bad invention (maybe in congregations like Kimball's it's OK to expect people to sit on the floor; I know that in mine, there are plenty who physically cannot.

I guess the difference is the expectation of a Sunday worship service... I expect people to come in and worship together and experience God in a certain way, but to do much (most) of their spiritual growth elsewhere (small groups, home groups, etc). Therefore, the pew has a home in my church.

One thing about the layout: not all of them are so close together as to cause discomfort. That was done by whoever laid out that particular building (possibly to include more than would appropriately fit in said structure).

And we don't have cushions.

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