Wild Waves

Summer is definitely in full swing around 180 Student Ministries. Last week we took our Middle Schoolers up to Wild Waves in Federal Way Washington, and had a great time at the park.

Here's how our day looked.

This weekend is our Middle School Guys Grub Camp.

Next week our High School ministry heads off to Mexico and the week after that our Middle School ministry heads to Student Life's Mission Camp. More to come on both of those.

Let the good times roll!


Ken said...

Brian! GREAT video! what software did you use for that?

Brian Eberly said...

Thanks Ken! I used animoto.com. It is a great site. All you do is upload your pictures, choose your music, and they do all the rest!

If you choose to sign up for their All Access Pass please use my referral code (rzqumcal). It will get you $5 off and will get me 3 months free of the All Access Pass.

Great service!

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