VBS By The Numbers

The week of June 30 through July 4 was one action packed week around Grace Point. The worship center was transformed into SonWorld Adventure Park and was brimming with excitement each day as 130 children filled the room eager to learn about Jesus and the choices in life that He desires to help us with.

Our days were filled with lots of exciting music, puppets, games, Bible stories, missionary talks, crafts, good food, and most importantly, relationships that were enjoyed between children and the many caring adult and student leaders; relationships that pointed to Jesus.

Choices was the theme for the week ... Choose to believe, Choose to act, Choose to forgive, Choose to obey, and Choose Jesus. How cool it was to see children eager to learn how Jesus wants to be an active part of our lives and help us with the choices we face each day.

Here is how it all shook out by the numbers...

Number of Children – 130+

Number of Leaders – 80

Money children raised for Passion 4 People $819.58

Cookies served – 376

Cupcakes served – 160

Bottles of water consumed – 150

Gallons of juice consumed - 47.5

Hamburgers and hot dogs served at family BBQ on Friday - 230

Watermelons served at family BBQ on Friday - 6

Stitches sewn in around my eye due to water balloon attack gone bad – 5

Good, fun memories – Too many to count!

How great it was to be a part of something so great. God moved, people were blessed, and He was glorified.


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