A Night To Remember

Last night was an incredible night. In Psalm 133:1 God tells us how "good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity." I believe last night was a great picture of that very thing.

Last night four youth ministries in our town came together for our second Burn. The Burn is a quarterly worship gathering of area youth groups led by the network of youth pastors I am a part of. Read about our first Burn here.

Since it is summer we spent the evening outside enjoying a great BBQ, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and frisbee. We then came together for a great time of worship led by Aaron Geist and team.

Near the end of the worship set Robbie York from Tigard Church of God, shared a bit about having a concern for those that don't know Jesus, and the need to pray for them and share our faith with them. We then got into small groups to pray for the people in our lives that don't yet have a relationship with Christ. What happened next was the highlight of the night for me.

After the small group prayer time we made a giant circle, put our arms around each other and began to pray. It was a sweet time of praying for our community; praying that God would use us to make an impact on those in our city.

It was such a great picture of the Body of Christ coming together in unity; a demonstration of the fact that we are not many churches but rather one Church. It is my prayer that through nights like this that the Church would begin to take notice of what God is doing among student ministries, and desire to enter into similar relationships with one another.

May God use the youthful enthusiasm and idealism of students, to move in the hearts of older generations, so that they too may see how good and pleasant it is to experience the Church of Christ as one Church.


Mike Giering said...

Nice work friend! Looks and sounds awesome. Just got back from two sessions of high school camp, and suffice it to say that God responded to our invitation to show up, BIG TIME! Can't help but be convinced that God is about to do something huge in the greater Portland/Beaverton area. Let's get together again sometime soon...

Brian Eberly said...

Great to hear about your two camp sessions Mike! Would love to get together again sometime soon. Let me know when works for you.

Matt Singley said...

Wow, so cool. I love the pic of everybody praying.

Anonymous said...

brian this type of thing really fuels me. I am hoping to get something like it going in my new area.

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