Guy Time

For the better part of 20 years I have been taking middle school boys camping at Indian Henry Campground on the North Clackamas River. We call it Grub Camp. A time to get away and just be guys. No girls, no showers, not really even any manners. Good times! I even did a Grub Camp Reunion a couple of years back with some guys I took some 15 years earlier. Read about that incredible weekend here.

We tell guys that they go as boys and come back men. Kind of a rite of passage if you will. We fish, we swim, we jump off high rocks and logs into the icy cold river, we sit around the fire, and for the more gullible among us, we even go on snipe hunts. This last weekend we did it again!

What a great weekend it was. We did all of the above and loved every minute of it. This year was extra special as we also had the opportunity to baptize one of our students in the icy cold river. Always exciting to see a new and changed life!


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