A View From the Ride

Just finished our run through for our 30 Hour Famine Rally over at Beaverton Christian Church and thought it was time for another installment of A View From The Ride.

Took these standing on the stage looking at an empty auditorium thinking about the full house we will have tomorrow night for our rally. We are very excited about what God has for us tomorrow, as we come together as His people to catch a greater glimpse of His heart for the poor.

Please join me in prayer asking God to do incredible things tomorrow night at the rally and throughout the course of our 30 Hour Famine weekend. Watch for more to come


Grahame said...

Hi Brian. Hope you have a great time this weekend and especially for the event this evening. One of the challenges of youth ministry is opening the eyes of our young people to the whole of God's world and his heart for the poor. Praying that your young people will gain a new passion for compassion.

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