A Petition Worth Signing

Today President Bush left for a six day trip to Africa. While there he will be visiting Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania and Liberia, and will see the life saving results that the ONE Campaign has been lobbying so hard for.

Much has been accomplished in the fight against extreme poverty since and because of Bush's last visit to Africa in 2003. We must not let this progress end.

With Bush in Africa the ONE Campaign has put together a petition that will be given to all the presidential candidates. The idea is to urge all the candidates to prioritize the fight to end extreme poverty and global disease in Africa. The petition says:

As a voter in the 2008 Presidential election, I'm asking you to pledge to visit Africa during your first term in office. It is my hope that your trip will increase U.S.-African cooperation, save lives and help build a better, more
secure future for millions of the world's poorest people.

Copies of all the signed petitions will be delivered to each of the presidential candidates, right at the same time that this presidential trip to Africa is in the news, for maximum impact. The petitions will remind the candidates that we expect the next president to visit Africa and keep the poverty-fighting promises we've heard on the campaign trail

Would you consider helping? Take a moment and go here to sign the petition.


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