NYWC Day 2.1

One of the fun things about the convention is the exhibit hall; a plethora of organizations and ministries that all offer the product or service that promises to make my ministry more successful. Not sure they will, but still fun to learn about new things.

Adam wanted me to get pictures of some of the best displays. Well I'm going to have to go with the ones that offered up the java! In my book, the ones that get me to stop, are the ones offering up the free jo! Of course all the displays that want to offer me a chance at a free iPod Touch get my attention as well. I think Aaron and I have filled out every available drawing. We're gonna get one this year!


adam said...

Thanks Brian! That is actually really helpful.

We're going to give away a nano... but our deal is going to be that we will give it away Friday night.

Too bad you won't be in Atlanta!

Jeff Greathouse said...

Sometimes, the hall makes me sick.

But, coffee can make it all better :)

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