NYWC Day 1

Convention registration - $245
Airfare to San Diego - $306
Room at the Town & Country Inn - $360
In room bottled water -$2.50

Being with people that understand you - PRICELESS!

Man is it great to be with thousands of others that share your passion. We just got out of a great time of worship led by David Crowder, along with a crazed concert with Family Force Five.

The theme of the convention is "Storyline" We all have a story, a story we must embrace and a story we must share and use for God's glory. We may not like our story yet we must own it.

Phil Vischer, producer of Veggie Tales shared his story to night. It's a story of a big dream that crumbled. A dream that was taken from Him to drive him back to what is most important in life, that being in the center of God's will; complete surrender and Lordship. Phil was at the pinnacle of his career, event touted as being the next Walt Disney. God saw different. God saw his pride, and God took it all away. His story was one that resonated with me at a very deep level, as I too had to come to a similar that point in my life. I hope to share that story here in the days to come.

A quote that stood out to me "If you are in the will of God then where you will be in five years is none of your business." We often spend more time trying to chase our dream, our "vision" instead of just being with and seeking God.

Today has been a great day. We have just begun. I anxious for the rest of the weekend.


adam said...

thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you are having fun. YS is indeed priceless. I can imagine that the staff at YS is happy to be in their hometown. Like, they can even sleep in their own beds and see their kids during the convention. How cool is that?

If you get a chance to go to the exhibit hall... could you possible do me a favor and take some pics? Even with a cell phone that would help me. Like pic your favorite 2 booths.

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