The Dance

One of the things that saddens me the most as a pastor to students is when I see a student surrender their life to the Lord and then slowly allow the influences of the world to creep back in and push Jesus out. I have seen it time and again and it breaks my heart.

On the other hand there is one thing that I love to witness in a student's life. I love to see a student that has come to the realization that they have moved away from Jesus, and return to Him with an increased love and surrender and joy. It is a beautiful picture of God's tender love and grace.

This video of a skit performed at Winterfest 2006 does an excellent job of portraying God's love, grace and joy. Allow yourself to enter into it and you will be moved.

May we all enjoy the dance. May Jesus always be our everything.


Anonymous said...

Brian, I hear you bro. Your post immediately brought to mind the parable of the sower. The soil that had no depth, where the root could not take hold, could not sustain the growth of the seed (the Word of God). Lots of students are symbolized by this soil type. Our prayer for them is that the Holy Spirit would change their soil type to the good kind that bears fruit.

Brian Eberly said...

Amen. Very well put Jason.

Greg Wygle said...

WOW! B That made me cry...that really touched me, an amazing visual of how Jesus can help us when we call on him. no matter what we have done, or where we have been.

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