NYWC Day 2

This morning in the first General Session Francis Chan spoke about modeling our lives and ministry after Jesus. He asked some great questions. What would the church look like if we took what Jesus said literally? What would our church look like if we said the things Jesus said? The conclusion...much different.

He made a comment that I can't stop thinking about. I'd love your thoughts on it.

He said, "If Jesus had a church in my town, I bet mine would be bigger." I agree. Do you? Jesus said some very radical things. Jesus calls us into a very radical life; a life that the American Church struggles to live.

What are your thoughts?


Dan Browne said...

I think I would have to agree, mine would be bigger.

Jesus was radical, and we are stuck on self. Our churches would be bigger in numbers, no doubt, because we really don't want to get our hands dirty for Jesus and actually take the time ti invest in the lives of others.

Bigger yes, but spiritually insignificant.

Darin Swanson said...

Trisha and I talked about this last night. We think Jesus knew how to draw an audience: thousands came to listen when he was here the first time.

We think the crowds would swell, space would be tight. And then, Jesus would drop a truth bomb (like when he talked to the young rich man) and his church would empty. Repeat until the end of time :-)

chap said...

i don't know, maybe he would not even have a church, just a small number of freaks and geeks who would either piss people off, make him look stupid or be the people no one else would want to hang with. they would probably all show up at our youth groups or churches looking to fit in and we would blow them off thinking "thank God they are gone."

although i would wish better of myself and our churches, i doubt we're any more enlightened than the people of his time.

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