Team Constitution

Each year in our Mexico Outreach training we work together as a team to develop a team constitution. The purpose is to solidify all that we have been discussing and preparing for.

As a team we brainstorm a bunch of ideas and then distill it all down into a usable constitution that will serve to remind us of who we are, what our objective is, and how we plan to accomplish it.

Here is what the team came up with:
We the family of 180 Student Ministries as ambassadors of Christ, our community, and the Church, desire to show God's love by being a blessing, loving and serving each other and the Mexican people, and furthering our relationships with God and His people. Through prayer, listening to God and one another, we will achieve this mission by building a house, showing Jesus to children and everyone else we encounter, and wholeheartedly giving our all.

We have just completed 10 hours of great training together and are now ready to go. We leave this Friday morning at 6:00 am for Ensenada, Mexico!

For more information on our trip along with specific ways you can pray for each team member please visit our Mexico Outreach web site. Your prayers are appreciated and will be honored by our God.

Much more to come!


Heather said...

Ensenada! That is close to me! I will be praying for your trip!

muzik316 said...

I'll pray for your trip.

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