Photo In Need of A Caption

My dad took this photo the other day and it's just screaming for a good caption! I mean what kind of cat would sit around and watch birds drink it's water? Thoughts??


muzik316 said...

Grace Happens
The Sabbath
A Day Off
This Isn't What I Ordered
Cat Party of Two?... Cat Party of Two.
Now Where did I put that Arby's Sauce?
Pigeon... It's What's for Dinner
What no Mouse?

Brian Eberly said...

Grace Happens.....I LOVE it! :-)

Anonymous said...

When we are well loved we have no need to kill AND when we are well fed we have no need to hunt...

Yoga Loft

Gman said...

You seen Spiderman. You seen Superman. Now see the Cat who does nothing, man.

kelly said...


You know Brian, this whole picture thing reminds me of Garfield,

Joshua Griffin said...

Dumb cat.


The Thief said...

"This Isn't What I Ordered" ????
Naming it for my blog would be a good idea!

muzik316 said...

I wondered where I came up with that one

Zack said...

Garfield Strikes Again

Another day for Garfield

"I hate Mondays"

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