Psalm 23

Recieved the following from a missionary friend in Israel the other day.

This morning I reflected on Psalm 23:2 - He will lead me beside still waters.

The word "still" means "REST". It's used often in Scripture about the rest which God promised us to experience in this Land. While this land is not at rest right now, the following shows that rest IS possible to rest in the midst of the storm.

Iris is a young Israeli (about 25) and one of my special "kids" She moved out of Tel Aviv and now lives in the city of Sfad which has been under attack for the last few days.

The house she shares is a large one, open for those who seek shelter.

Two days ago, the "house mother" went for her usual prayer walk, but then God told her to walk around the house quoting Psalm 23! She did.

As soon as she finished the first bomb came, landing 50 meters from the house. Within an hour the second bomb landed 50 meters from the house in another direction. Yesterday a third bomb landed 30 meters from the house. It matters not how close the final bomb hits, the house will be safe.

Iris says, "The whole city needs to come to this house. It's the safest place in the whole city"

Awesome! God is.


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