Record Breaking RIOT

Ok, so by now you are probably wondering what the deal is with the Photo In Need Of A Caption. The picture was taken just before we attempted set a new world record! No it was not a record to see how many people can line up at one time to use a porta potty. It was to set the world record of how many people can fit into a porta potty!

The Guiness Book of World Records will soon have a new entry! An entry of how many people can successfully be crammed into one porta potty! The record has never been attempted so we didn't actually break a record, we set one! We set that record at 25 people! Yes that is right...25 people in one porta potty! Looks comfy huh?

The requirements of seeting a record are you must video tape what you are attempting, it must be published in a newspaper, and it must be verified by either a pastor, policeman, judge, or mayor. We fullfilled all the requirements and the feat has been submitted!

We also attempted to break a standing record but sadly were unsuccessful. We tried to break the record of how many people can sit in one chair. The record, set in Australia, is 508 people! We had 550 so tried to break it. Unfortunately we were unable. It was just too hard to get that many middle schoolers to sit on each other's laps for one minute. We had fun trying though!

It was a great a time at the RIOT this year! If you want to see more, click here.


Joanne said...

But how was the horn guy?

Brian Eberly said...

That was the big disappointment of the weekend. It ended up he won some competion on FOX and had to be in LA for a taping.

Apparently when they booked him there was the outside possibility that that might happen so they booked Jason Harwell to cover just in case.

I was so bummed. I was really looking forward to seeing him!

Hopefully he will be up here to do our High School Winter Youth Celebration in December.

Jason Harwell was great though, as always!

Joanne said...

OH I am disappointed and I didn't even go!

Aaron Geist said...

Yeah, me too, but surprisingly there were only a few people that asked where he was.

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