King of the Hill Church

Nothing like "church shopping."
A sad commentary...

HT to Marko


crallspace said...


I'd say the sad part is that they chose the mega-church, and worse, there are likely no Unitarian churches in Arlen, TX.

Church shopping is something people should do. Unfortunately, there is no perfect place. I occasionally go to the unitarian church for the open perspective. After 3 years, I feel out of place in churches that are homogenous, and everyone strives to think identically.

My mom goes to a mega-church with the praise band, etc. Who ever thought praise bands were a good idea has trashed the music programs of thousands of churches.

Jared Butler said...

Personally I really liked this clip.It was not sad to me at all. well maybe only because it is true. Although I feel maybe it could have been better portrayed if it was the entire episode and not just the segment someone wants us to see.
It is easier to cut and paste where we need it to make our own point come across in the way we want it to. I am not sure why the Hill family wanted to leave their other church to begin with.
also, I kinda feel like it is a grat example of how most churches are. Not just mega churches. I think that "churches" work really hard at doing the new exciting thing and making everyone feel really really comfortable. Thats not what it is about.
As for me, I enjoyed this "episode".
My hat goes off for Mike Judge! way to go!

Brian Eberly said...
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Brian Eberly said...

I agree with you Jared. It was sad in that it is a somewhat accurate portrayal of the church. The reason the Hill family left their church had something to do with pews...sad too.

It's too bad that so many people feel they must leave their church when something uncomfortable happens or there is conflict. Conflict comes with family.

We need to be less consumeristic in our approach to church and more familial and communal.

I enjoyed the "episode" too. It made a good point.

The Thief said...

I got a kick out of the "Day By Day" church where they decided not to even go in. Good stuff.

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