With the grossly inflated gasoline prices, here is one man who is truly "sticking it to the man." Imagine....100 miles on 4 oz. of water!!



Jon Knapp said...

You can buy hydrogen cars right now, they just cost over a million dollars. Let's do the math on how long it will take you to earn that money back. hmmm.

So your sticking it to yourself . . . maybe.


My father-in-law is scheduled to get 2 of those cars, in about 5 years in his training center, I think.

Joanne said...

I will give him my car to convert right now!

muzik316 said...

Yeah guys... umm... I don't think its hydrogen... as wee see it. It a compound thats much safer. The real point is the guy lives in Clearwater close to where I grew up. WOOT!!!!

The Thief said...

Looks pretty sweet. Now let's see it get through to a reasonable price where anyone can afford one -- and let's see what Detroit does about it.

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