Lord Save Us From Your Followers

Every now and then a movie comes along that is touted as the one movie that is going to bring about great change. It is the movie that will bring revival in the Church, and/or draw many to Christ. Rarely do they deliver in such a manner. Soon to be released is a movie that if it receives a wide enough distribution, just might have some of the aforementioned affects.

Lord Save Us From Your Followers is a provocative, yet highly entertaining documentary that follows in the tradition of movies like Super Size Me, Sicko, and others. It's a movie that both calls the Church to love and live like Christ, as well as one that makes an apologetic statement to society for the way we as the Church have done a better job at being divisive, as opposed to unifying, in the way we have portrayed the gospel. See a more complete synopsis here.

It's also very cool to see my friend Marshall Snider sharing what God is doing through Bridgetown Ministries right here in Portland.

See a sampler of the movie here.

The movie is slated to hit theaters this summer but if you can't wait that long, the full movie is available for download for only 7 bucks.


patrick said...

definitely gonna see this

Sktchwlkr said...

Hi, i was wondering were the download for this movie is located? i saw this movie at my school last semester and i wanted to show it at my bible study this weekend.

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