For many, change is not always easy. For the most part I am one who enjoys it and welcomes it. I tend to grow tired of routine and like a change of pace and scenery every now and then.

As culture changes so must the Church to effectively reach it. I feel especially blessed to be a part of a church family that realizes that, and embraces needed change. This last year we underwent a major one, that being the name of our church. We went from Tigard First Baptist Church to Grace Point Community Church with very little incident. I have seen churches split over smaller, less significant matters. Read more here.

Seems there is a church in Illinois that is really struggling right now with a change.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Members at Avalon Baptist church were angered to discover that the soap used for years in the church restrooms was replaced by a new, economical foaming soap.

"You get this bubbly mound that disappears once you rub it in your hands," one man complained as he exited the restroom. "It’s all show, this new soap."

Others agree.

"What happened to the thick, slimy stuff?" one man asked. "That really worked."

Last Sunday was supposed to be the kick-off of the church’s annual Missions Week. But the buzz in the foyer was about the soap change. Some suggested taking a special offering to restore the original liquid soap.

"You have to wonder about the leadership’s judgment, if they’re willing to make a poor decision like this," says one woman. "It signals weakness at the top."

The pastor and custodian released a joint statement on Monday saying they believe people will get used to "the new foaming action soap, and appreciate its many benefits for our church going forward."

Oh by the way....

April Fools!

Thanks Lark News for the great story!


Patti said...

Like many bits from Lark News, it's only funny because it could actually happen! :)

Brian Eberly said... true.

Megan said...

Ahhh...I remember the first time I used the foamy soap in our bathroom. It seriously hindered me from my time of worship and fellowship...I almost dropped a complaint in the offering plate, but I assumed I wasn't the only one who was scandalized and horrified by the soap.

April Fools again...

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