Google Searches and Middle Schoolers

With my site meter I have the ability to see how people get to my blog. Many people find it through simple Google searches. I am always fascinated by the searches that lead here. Searches like:

"Make everything glorious"
"Heavy saddened heart"
"Turning 40"
"Jesus Camp"
"Starve Hunger"
"God of Wonders"
"Is Coke good for getting rid of A cold?"
"Goodbye youth pastor"

Perhaps the most interesting one I have seen in a long time is "how can I instill the fear of God into middle schoolers?" Wow. Makes you wonder how their middle school ministry is going doesn't it?

I must admit there have been plenty of time over the years in my ministry that I have wondered the same thing. Middle schoolers can be an interesting bunch, but man are they fun! They have more energy than about any other group I can think of. They are a group of people that are open to new things and love to learn. I am blessed to be able to shepherd a great bunch of middle schoolers and wouldn't trade my job with anyone!

If you love kids, loud noise, strange smells, and are in need of an exciting ministry, come talk to me! I have got a group of middle schoolers that are ready to welcome you and show you a great time!


muzik said...

We have a few middle schoolers that help outwith our tech ministry. It's great to have them. A lot of the high schoolers think it's to cool. The only issue is all that energy and how they get distracted..... LOL

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