Good Bye To Coke

I have recently said good bye to good friend. Ok, well maybe not a friend, perhaps more like an addiction. Not too long ago I could hardly go a day without drinking one of my favorite beverages, Coke. After years of my wife trying to get me to quit drinking it because of how unhealthy it is, I have finally succumb. You know what? I'm a better person now. Well, at least a healthier person. Since I have stopped drinking Coke, I have noticed a marked difference in my health! My immune system seems to be much stronger as I can now fight off a cold much quicker, and just plain feel better. I'm sure that has to do with the fact that I am no longer consuming 10 teaspoons of sugar like I used to do each time I drank a can of Coke. I'm not the only person either. Check out Joshua Michael's recent post.

At our recent High School Winter Youth Celebration conference this is how much pop our room consumed. How much of it did I drink? None! That was not easy!

I really desire to live a healthier life. I certainly know that is what God wants. Getting rid of Coke was a big step in that direction!

I may no longer be drinking Coke, but it sure seems as if there are plenty of other uses. Check this out.

Here's to healthier living!


joshua.michael said...

oh man, even the picture of the coke can makes my mouth water. Man, I really was addicted!

Steve said...

Brian, as I read Foster's Celebration of Discipline and was entering into the discipline of Simplicity he challenged this kind of releasing of addiction. I am challenged in similar ways, but have not taken this on. Way to go, I can't think of an appropriate blessing...well done.

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