Turning 40

Forty years ago today I was born. Two years ago today my son, Benny was born. Yesterday and today.... we partied!

Last night Robin threw for me the best birthday party I have ever had! Seventy five of my closest friends and family joined us at the church for what was supposed to be a surprise party. Ended up not being a surprise, but that's a whole other story. It was great! So much fun and did I ever feel honored. Made turning 40 a whole lot sweeter.

Today, Benny and I celebrated together. So cool to be able to celebrate our birthdays together! I look forward to many years of traditions together! Man, has he changed over these two short years.




Robin shared with me a quote last night to live by.... "You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely." Yes!!

Here's to another 40. I'm ready.... I think.


Anonymous said...


Great to hear from someone who's not afraid of reaching this milestone.

I hit 40 a few years back and was happy to do so but I'm surprised by the many people who don't want to face 40.

-Justin- said...

How cool to be born on New Years Eve-
each year, parties everywhere!

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

If anyone's ready for 40, you are Brian. And you're not takin' it sitting down!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Lordy Lordy!!!
Old man Brian
Just turned forty!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, man! I heard that they also had a huge party for you in Times Square.

(yeah, probably only about the millionth time you've heard that tired one trotted out)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brian! You'll do just fine at 40! :)

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