Advent Devotional

I have recently discovered Following The Star, an excellent online devotional created by is a wonderful daily guide to the Advent season.

Go here to experience.


coc said...

Good Morning,
Every year my girlfriend of 45 years sends me a "Blue Book" for Advent. She's in NJ and I am in FL, but every morning we read our book over the distance together. This morning I did my reading and prepared to read my email, when God guided me to your blog. It was not my intention to browse this morning, yet here I am. I went to the wonderful site - Following the Star. I shared it with my girlfriend. Her comment, " Cheryl, this site is AWESOME. I truly enjoyed adding this to my Advent journey. I read the Blue Book and GOD CALLING before I get up each day and I'll be reading this as soon as I arrive at work....or on weekends, as soon as I can get myself down to the family room and the computer. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Love and Hugs, Loretta"

Thank you for taking the time to share.

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