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We think if we can disperse adequate information, people will be convinced that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and turn to him. Those methods don't work any longer. I'm not sure they ever did. People aren't looking for information about God. They want to experience God, himself. Information leaves them bored, uninterested. Experience, especially the ultimate experience any human being can ever have, leaves them breathless. And that's exactly what we have to offer.
- Mark Tabb, Mission to Oz


Anonymous said...

However, as put in simple words......I can't truly experience football, until I find out something about it. I HAVE to find out something about God in order to experience Him. I HAVE to KNOW that He IS the Way and the Truth in order to "experience" Him. You can't tell me to experience God, unless I know something about Him. And once I do believe He is the truth, THEN I can truly experience Him!

How's that for feedback Biriaynnnnn! Love you bro! - Your Sis!

Brian Eberly said...

Hey Lisa!

First let me say it's good to see you finally commenting on my blog Thanks!

Second, I agree with what you are saying. Certainly one can not extrapolate a complete theology based on one quote. The quote was put there simply to cause people to think a little, and perhaps push them beyond their normal limits of consideration.

That being said, if one only hears about football but never gets in the game and plays then they will never experience the real joy of football. They will never fully fall in love with the game. If a person only hears of it, they might think it's a good idea, or that it sounds fun, but until they join a team and get involved they will never fully experience it the way it is meant to be experienced.

Over the years I have seen many people pray "the prayer" to receive Jesus, or come forward at an altar call to make some kind of decision, and then have gone no where with their seemingly new found faith. On the other hand I have seen many people connect with a community of faith, learn about Jesus, and hear about Jesus, but at the same time fall in love with him because they are part of His people and enjoying community. I believe there is a place for both scenarios, I just think the later is ultimately more effective.

We read in the Bible that we are to taste and see that the Lord is good. One does not do that by just reading a tract about Jesus. Yes, it is possible that one can do that and then begin a relationship with Him and become a part of the Church, but I question if that is the best way to invite someone into the vibrarnt joy filled life of following Jesus.

I could write more but I'll stop for now.

Thanks again for commenting Lisa. Do it some more! :-)

Lisa Seifen said...

Agree! Great points! I always get defensive real quick if there's any chance of skirting from giving people the truth. But I do see, that when people are introduced to who Christ is and watch other believers and become a part of that community or fellowship, or what have you, that they too, will sense who Christ is and their need for Him in their lives.

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