Beatin' The Bushes

This last Saturday 10 of us from our high school ministry went to battle. We took on approximately 400 square feet of blackberry bushes that had overtaken the backyard of an elderly couple in North Portland. We even found a car burried under all those thorns!

Recently we have made a paradigm shift in our approach to ministry. That is we feel that God would rather have us as a ministry engage in serving others as opposed to merely entertaining ourselves, like many of our past ministry events have done. I believe this is a much more efffective form of discipleship and serves to unite a group better than just about any other event. This last Saturday we joined forces with Project Linkage, an organization serving the elderly in Portland, to accomplish this, and had a great time.



Our stated purpose as a church is to Love God and Love Others To God. I believe this to be our greatest calling as followers of Jesus, and also serves as some of the most fun we can have as His followers. Saturday certainly proved that out!

See more pictures here.


Joanne said...

Good job team!

muzik316 said...

nice car.

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