A Beautiful Sound

This last weekend was our annual Middle School Fall Retreat at Camp Tadmor. What an incredible weekend it was. A weekend in which the Spirit of God moved in the hearts of everyone.

To hear the sounds of middle schoolers having a great time and seeking God together in the process is a beautiful sound to hear.

Some of the sounds heard were the sounds of excitement as students let go of their fear and swang from the giant 60 foot rope swing, sounds of encouragement as students cheered their teams on as the compteted in different competitions through out the weekend, and sounds of laughter and discussion, and the many "a ha" moments when students discovered new things about their God, and themselves, as we listened to speaker Marshall Snider share how we were all created for greatness.

Perhaps the most beautiful sound of all was when they worshipped. I was moved to tears as I listened to students pouring out their hearts before God. The Spirit of God was moving and led our students to worship Him like I have never seen middle school students worship! Never let it be said that middle schoolers don't know how to worship. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

It was an amazing weekend and I pray that what God stirred in the hearts of all that were there, would continue to grow and develop into something even more beautiful.

See all the pictures of our weekend here.


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