I love to read of the miracles that Jesus shared with people as He walked among us. Who doesn't like to see or hear about a cool "supernatural" event? Miracles captivate us, but do we really need to witness a miraculous event to believe?

Jesus' first recorded miracle is of course His turning water into wine. In John 2:1-10 we read of a wedding taking place at Cana in Galilee. When the wedding party had consumed all the wine and it was brought to Jesus' attention, He had the wedding servants go and fill six stone water jars with water, in which He then turned to wine! Pretty cool! I wonder how many began to believe Jesus's message because of this miracle? I wonder how many believed even without it?

On Monday the Washington Post ran an article on an archaeological dig in Kafr Cana, Israel -- Cana, in which supposedely these same clay jars may possibly have been unearthed. Read the article here. For some I suppose this may help them believe in the man, the message, and the mission of Jesus. I guess that is ok, but again I ask must we have physical proof to believe?

Even Jesus Himself refused to do physical miracles at times because He knew that even with the miracle He and His message would be dismissed. Of course even Jesus' disciple, Thomas, needed physical proof to help him in is unbelief.

What do we need today to believe? Hopefully the biggest miracle of all time is what we need. What is it? A changed life! Jesus is in the business of changing lives. He has changed my life and the lives of many others. That is miraculous! Romans 3:23 makes it clear that we are all messed up without the miraculous touch of Jesus on our life.

Because of the change, our very lives should be an ongoing miracle, one that is noticed by many. May we live such changed lives that people can't help but notice the miracle, and they themselves begin to believe in the miracle giver...Jesus.


Steve said...

Could the biggest miracle be faith itself...to believe w/o seeing...to believe beyond the facts (not contrary to them)...but faith allows us to see God beyond the restraints of the physical...we see Him in his eminence and his transcendence...when Jesus rebukes the storm, he also rebukes his disciples for their lack of faith...they missed out on the bigger miracle, the one where they had the ride of their lives and survived with Jesus through the storm and waves...that would have been something to talk about!

Great post Brian

muzik316 said...

Ever struggle with the belief, that is to believe beyond the facts?

Does Jesus rebuke me for my lack of faith at times?

We, as Christ disciples have all denied Him as did Peter. We have all been like Thomas. If we look over our lives we will find that we have betrayed him like Judas & loved him like John.

I long for the day to cry at the feet of Christ.

Michael said...

In my tradition we have a term called Makyo, which translates roughly to Diabolical phenomenon, not to say the miracles of Jesus where not miracles because they where miracles. But Makyo has a way of distracting us from the real miracle that of our true nature. Miracles are wonderful but we need to not get distracted and stay present to the blessing of life

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