Little Children

I have been reading recently in the book of Mark and have taken particular interest in Jesus' view of children. In Mark 9:36-37 we see Jesus teaching His disciples on what it takes to be "first." We see Him take a little child and say "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me..."

One chapter later in 10:13-15 we see Him go as far as to say that if we do not receive the kingdom of God like a little child we will never enter it. Wow! What does that look like? My friend Jon has been blogging a lot lately on just what the kingdom of God is. I encourage you to read his thoughts, and explore for yourself just what the kingdom of God entails. What I want to focus on here, is what it means to be like a little child.

As a father of two this is what I have observed about little children....

• Complete and utter trust in me their father
• Not a care in the world
• A wide eyed wonder of the world around them
• A sense of joy like no other
• A view of me as their father as one who can do no wrong
and knows all
• Very resilient; doesn't let pain slow them down too long
• Not stuck in their ways; willing to try new things
• Lives life to the fullest when awake
• Sleeps hard when it's time to rest

As I think of these traits, I wonder do I share in them? I believe it to be these very traits that Jesus desires from us.

As we seek to live out the kingdom of God, let us remember that we must approach the things of God with the openess and innocence of a child. May we be more like little children.


Robin Eberly said...

This is your wife commenting - my first comment I might add.

I love the trust that our little guy has in us, I have a great case in point to illustrate. Benny was with me today as I took the car through the car wash. He was quite frightened at first, and cried some. He looked at my face to determine if I was in control of the situation, and he soon quieted down when he realized that I was calm and that I wasn't worried at all. He trusted me, and it really touched me.

Brian said...


I love you honey! :-)

Jon Knapp said...

Great to see you commenting Robin! keep it up! And thanks for your kind words Brian.

Steve said...

I keep thinking that if I would just get over myself and be more like my daughter, like the children you described, I'd be a lot more content and satisfied with my Father and His Plan.

Putting my thumb back in my mouth and out of my were thinking something else weren't you...

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