When They Get It

Because of my love for Middle Schoolers and my love of seeing them get it, I post the following quote from the mouth of a Middle Schooler regarding worship, found on Marko's Blog.

When presented with Amos 5:21-24 in which God basically tells the Israelites that He is not interested in their worship because their lifestyle does not back it up, a student of Marko's, that got it summed up the message in the following way:

"It’s saying, like, that God doesn’t care if we sing songs or not, or if we ’say’ prayers, or whatever. It’s saying that what really matters is our hearts; and if we really want to, like, worship God and all, like, we can do that with how we live our lives, and, like, even by how we show God’s love to other people and stuff."

Dead on right! If only we would all understand that!

Who says Middle Schoolers don't get it?


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