This morning I got to play guitar in "big church." I got to play in the "bigs". It was very fun! Not only did I play, I got to play Jon's Gibson Les Paul. What a sweet guitar!

We played the Phillips Craig & Dean song, "Let The Worshippers Arise."

I love playing music. I used to play guitar in a band around the Portland area a number of years ago, as well as lead worship with my students. Anymore I am surrounded by people that are musically, far more gifted than I. I am thankful for Aaron and the great job he does in leading our students in worship each week. Recently I have joined Aaron and have been playing bass with our student worship band, and have enjoyed it immensely. There is something very cool about playing music with others, especailly when leading people in worship.

Thank you God for the gift of music!


Aaron Geist said...

Did you totally rock out?

Brian Eberly said...

Full on!!

The Thief said...

Rock on, man! You're welcome to come here and play anytime. It is great to play music, I agree, especially when you get to rock out in "big church"

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