Thankful Middle Schoolers

Last night at The Danger Zone, our Thursday night Middle School gathering, we spent some time in prayer being thankful. Before we prayed I asked everyone to think of just one thing they are thankful to God for. We then prayed.

It started out a little slow but then the thanks began pouring out! Students were thanking their God for their parents, their brothers and sisters, their friends, their salvation, their church, their youth group, their pets, their school, God's provisions, God's love, God's forgiveness, and on and on and on. It was incredible. What a great time of worship it was!

I have been told in the past that I am crazy to expect middle school students to be still enough, and serious enough, to pray in a setting like that. How sad. These students know who their God is and are thankful for all that He has done, and continues to do in their lives. So am I.

Tomorrow night we have our annual Turkey 'N Thanks (TNT) with the students. It is a full on formal Thanksgiving style dinner; turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie....the works! The purpose is to have a unique time of fellowship, enjoying a great meal, and to spend time, once again, expressing our thanks to God. I'll report on how the night goes and post some pictures. It's always a highlight of our year!

What are you thankful for this year?


Callie said...

I completely agree that middle schoolers are aware of God's presence. It's interesting to me now, as a sophomore, seeing kids in 7th grade and thinking that they aren't mature enough to think or to do what we did in 7th grade four years ago. With growing older comes superiority, and people often forget how mature they felt and they were when they were younger, having the knowledge that they know now.

I am thankful for my education, for my house, for my family, for my clothes, for my bed, for my shower, for my dog, for my computer, for nature, for the ducks on my pond, for food, for this beautiful fall day, and for my awesome youth group!


Joanne said...

Your middle school students will be as quiet and thankful if you expect them to!

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