One Million Arrows - Review

I have just read Julie Ferwerda's new book "One Million Arrows." I stand and applaud! It is a book that resonates with my heart on so many levels.  It resonates with both the father in me and the youth pastor in me.

In recent years I have experienced a giant shift in my thinking in terms of the way I pastor students. I have come to understand that it is not the churches responsibility to raise kids to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.  It's the God given responsibility of parents.  Read more of my thoughts here in an article I wrote for Life In Student Ministry.  Julie does a fantastic job of bringing to light the importance of this matter.

She writes, "When we take to heart that the home - not the church, not the youth programs, not the Christian school - is the Great Commission Training Center, the lives of our kids are truly impacted soul deep."  How true that is.  It breaks my heart each time I think of students, both current and past, that have walked away from a love relationship with Christ, simply because they have not seen it in their parents.  Christianity equates to one thing for them.  Hypocrisy.

The book is filled with stories of families that have taken seriously their call to raise not just good kids, but kids that will make a radical difference for the Kingdom of God.  Along with the stories come a host of practical ideas that can be implemented in the raising of our children.

If we as parents are to take seriously the call on our lives to raise world changing kids then it will require a radical commitment on our part.  No longer can we rely on the 40 to 50 hours of Biblical education/training a child will receive in a typical year from the Church, rather we must embrace the 2,500 hours a year God has given to us to raise our children.

"No longer can our lives and schedules revolve around sports, entertainment, amusements, busyness, or a host of other 'good' or even 'good enough' activities.  They must revolve around best, through getting to know God very personally, glorifying and enjoying Him, and then bringing His Good News to others."

If you are a parent, or one that works with parents, get your hands on this book!  Click here or on the image above, for more on this book, along with ordering info.


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