The Butterfly Circus

If you can give 20 minutes of your time, please view this short film. Joshua Weigel, the director and also actor who played Chris, the youth pastor in To Save A Life, has produced a film that does a masterful job of portraying the beauty of hope and grace.

It is for good reason this film won the 2009 Doorpost Film Project. You will be stunned by the artistry of the film, but even more you will be left with much to think about, particularly the truth of how God delights in taking the ashes of broken lives and turn them into something beautiful, to be used for His glory.

I would love your thoughts on the film. Please feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts...
1st, it is hard to beleive how cruel some people can be. In real life I can imagine that the people who had no compassion situation could exist under certian conditions with certian people present. How shameful.

2nd. It shows a compassionate group of people.

3rd. It shows that we have to play the cards we are dealt as good as possible, and sometimes we can do amazing feats that seem impossible with the tools we are given.

4th. If we are not dealt a full deck(some physical or mental short comming), we should not blame God.

I have seen the fellow with no limbs in another video where he was talking to a group of school children. I believe he had a lasting impression on those kids, and me. Even in his condition he is doing more than many of us who are physically whole.

Bill Ermatinger

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