Spend Less

Today we begin week two of the Advent season, and the Advent Conspiracy.  This week's theme ... Spend Less.

At Christmas time, we like to spend.  The National Retail Federation reports that we spent 41.2 billion dollars over the Black Friday weekend.  That is an average of $372.57 per person!  As one who both hates spending and getting up early, I am equally blown away by their finding that nearly one-third (31.2%) of all shoppers on Black Friday were at the stores by 5 a.m.!

Each year since 1984 the PNC Wealth Management Company calculates the cost of the beloved carole, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  One thing is certain:  It's getting quite costly to buy our true love all the items mentioned! Here's are this year's numbers.

This week's theme of Spend Less could not be more appropriate.  Just the simple act of buying one less gift this year has the potential of freeing us up to be more available to celebrate Christ during this advent season.  What if instead of buying that one gift, we used that money saved to present Jesus with a birthday gift this year?

Here are few activities our church will be engaging in this week.  Might you join us?

• Set a budget for your Christmas spending - don't forget about the next two themes (Give More & Love All).
• Pick one person you were planning to buy a present for and make one instead.
• Make some homemade Christmas cards with personal messages for friends.
• Invite friends or another family to share a meal with you.

Next week ... Give More.


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