Give More

Today we enter  week three of the Advent season, and the Advent Conspiracy.  This week's theme ... Give More.

Like you, I have been given many Christmas gifts over the years.  Some deeply thoughtful and greatly appreciated.  Others, well let's just say while appreciated, they likely ended up in the white elephant gift exchange the following Christmas.

As I think of why Christ came to be with us on that first Christmas, I think of time.  I think of presence.  Christ came to spend time with us, to love us, and through His presence lead us into a deep and meaningful relationship with Him.  In fact the depth of His desire drove Him to give the ultimate gift ... His life.  Out of gratitude for what He has done, I can think of no greater gift than to emulate His.

Time is the greatest gift we can give.  It is of much greater value than a Christmas sweater, an electronic gadget, or a subscription to the jelly of the month club.  Time is lasting.  Time changes lives.  This Christmas may we consider how we might give more through the giving of our lives.

Here are a few activities our church will be engaging in this week.  Might you join us?

• Set up coffee or a meal with a friend this week.  Call a long distance friend.
• Serve another family or individual (one that doesn't attend church).
• Write affirmation cards to friends, co-workers, or family members.
• Pray for our public servants and write them a note.

Next week ... Love All.


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