Letter from Compassion Child

Our family just received a wonderful letter from Lizbeth, the little girl we sponsor through Compassion International. Lizbeth lives just outside the Mexican city of Toluca, where the average family income is only $142 per month. We have enjoyed so much the relationship we have with her. Even, Benny our 3 year old, prays for her each time he prays.

This particular letter blessed me more than most. She writes...

Mr. Brian Eberly,

Hello godfather, I feel very happy to send greetings for you and your family. I had my summer vacation for a month and a half. I helped mom at home doing some chores and putting up all my stuff. I am attending third grade now and I am excited to learn many new things. I also attended Summer Bible School at the project and learned many scriptures by heart. I feel very happy to have a family like you, it does not matter that you are far away, what matters is that we love each other and that we have Christ in our hearts. I will always pray for you and your family. So long and may God bless you richly.

Please pray for all my family. Thank you for your nice letter, and for your support given to me.


Per usual, I think we come away feeling as blessed as she does. How incredible!

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Anonymous said...

Brian awesome! I met several, now young men, who were children sponsored through compassion while I was in Bolivia. They are on-fire godly men who are now serving God's children in a number of key ministries there. Like you, I couldn't agree more that sponsoring a child through compassion is a worthy investment! On another note, would be great to have a cup of joe with you. We will be in Portland Nov 20-25th. Hope you will be around.

Brian Eberly said...

Greg, call me when you get into town. Let do our best to get together for some joe!

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