Faith Of A Child

This morning as Robin and Benny were having devotions together, she asked him what he would like to pray about. He said, "Bugs and spiders and beetles." When asked what specifically he wanted to pray about them, he replied, "To pray that they would fly way, way, way up high into the trees and stay there."

She then asked him what else he wanted to pray about and he said, "There are people who don't have any lights to turn off, or blinds on their windows, or a house to live in, or chocolate chips to eat, they really need chocolate chips to eat."

He gets it! If only the rest of us would.


The Poor Husband said...

I love the faith of a child! I think there is so much we can learn from their simple trusting unshakeable faith in our God. For an inspiring story of a child’s faith, a special prayer, and a surprise answer to that prayer, check out this link about my daughter.
The Poor Husband

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