Because of Compassion

I have been involved with Compassion International for over 20 years.
I have had the privilege of sponsoring a number of children and have seen God bless both their lives as well as mine.

Just today as I finished writing a letter to Jaciel Dominguez Hernandez the little boy we sponsor in Mexico, I came across the video that we were shown at the Student Life Camp I was just at. It speaks for itself.

This is why I so appreciate Compassion.

Click on the banner below and sponsor a child today. Please.

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.


Zach Younkin said...


Compassion is an amazing organization.

How many children have you sponsored thru Compassion?

I just started sponsoring a child.

You can find my story at .

Also, be sure to check Compassion’s website at .

Would you be willing to add a widget to your site to draw attention to Compassion every day?

If so, you can learn more by visiting .

Thanks for your post and commitment to getting children out of poverty!!

Brian Eberly said...

Thanks for the comment Zach. I have had the privilege of sponsoring 11 children over the years. God has blessed us so tremendously. It would be wrong not to use that blessing to bless those that are in need of hope. Glad you are doing that and drawing attention to the need.

Anonymous said...

We received our first letter from our Compassion child yesterday. Collens lives in Haiti.

After traveling to Haiti and Dominican Republic with Compassion Australia a few months ago I'm totally committed to seeing more children rescued from poverty through Compassion.

Last week I did a short training course to become a Compassion Advocate. Now I just need to get out and tell more people about the wonderful job Compassion does.

Brian Eberly said...

That is very cool Rodney! As a Compassion Advocate will you be representing Compassion or speaking for Compassion at different events?

The Thief said...

We have been sponsoring Alex in Uganda for something like 5 years now. It's amazing to "watch" him grow up through his letters. I love it.

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