Think Of Him

As we approach the busy holiday season I am thinking a lot of new thoughts, and asking a lot of questions.

What if we spent more time thinking of Him and less time thinking of us? What if we pushed back at consumerism and drew in closer to Jesus? What if instead of giving gifts to one another, we gave gifts to Jesus?

We hear a lot about the "Christmas miracles" and the "Miracle of Christmas." It was Jesus who said in John 14:12, in response to His miracles, that we will do even greater things. How might that look this Christmas?

This video is one of the tools God has used to really get me thinking, and re-thinking Christmas this year.

More thoughts to come.


The Thief said...

Unfortunately the ones who "get" this are already the ones who are living sacrificially. It makes me feel guilty, sure, but I'm trying to live as simply as I can and am trying to give as much as I can while at the same time keep my kids in clothes and keep food on the table.

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