Advent Conspiracy

Did you know that last year the The National Retail Federation forecasted that Americans would spend $457.4 billion dollars at Christmas and that the average family would spend $907? Does this bother you as it does me?

Is spending money on stuff that will likely be forgotten in a matter of months and going into debt to do it, the best way to celebrate the birth our Lord? The last time I went to a birthday party I did not go expecting gifts, I went to give to the one being celebrated. It makes sense to me that we should do the same for the One we celebrate this Christmas season.

I love the spirit behind Advent Conspiracy, a movement to inspire the Church to give relationally, and redistribute the money that would have been spent, on those that are truly in need. In doing so we give to Jesus.

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Matt Singley said...

Joined! Thanks for the alert.

D said...

My wife and I have decided to participate and we are excited. See what I'm doing for AC over on

I would be helpful for any help with the site...

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