End of the Blog

It was eight years ago that I began blogging.  A lot has happened in the last eight years.  A lot has changed.  Back in 2005 it was normal for me to be posting upwards of 20+ posts a month.  Now not so much.

The social network landscape has changed quite a bit in the last eight years.  It seems more people are  now engaged in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with many other online mediums, than they are blogs.  I for quite some time now, have said Facebook killed the blog.  It certainly has seemed to have that effect on this one!

While I may no longer be posting my thoughts here, I am still quite active online.  I have recently redirected my domain name (brianeberly.com) to about.me.  I didn't want to let my domain expire so had to have it land somewhere.  For now this is it's new home. At the new brianeberly.com you will find a collection of all my online activity.  It is sort of an aggregate of my life if you will.  Feel free to come on over and take a glimpse.

All my previous posts to this blog will remain.  Kind of a small time capsule into the life and times of my life.

Thanks for reading.


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